HGTV Moment

I blame HGTV for my unrealistic view of house hunting for your first home.  I assumed you found a realtor who would present you with a dozen or so homes that are exactly what you wanted.  We would wander through these homes holding hands and happily noting what we lovde about them, and what we were not crazy about.  Our hardest decision would be picking the home that was the most perfect out of the list of almost perfect choices.

POP!!! That dream bubble burst quite possibly after the first five homes we walked through.

First off, there were the sellers (who stayed while we dissected their homes in whispers.)

Like the guy who followed us all around his house, and then took us to the basement to show off his wife’s paintings.

OR the couple that sat on their couch drinking beer and wine with their dog.

OR the grandma, who through no fault of her own, made us feel terribly guilty that we didn’t buy her house on the spot.

Then there were the houses (whose listings turned out to be very deceiving.)

Like the one straight out of Boogie Nights, complete with shag carpet and a mirrored tile wall.

OR the one with the creepy tree growing in the middle of their indoor sun room.

OR the one with the horror movie pool in the backyard that appeared to have some sort of creature from the Upside Down living in it.

Then, of course, there were the close calls (which involved arguments that only strengthened our marriage bond.)

Like the one we both fell in love with immediately, but whose sellers counter offered a price that was just insulting.

OR the one I thought I loved, but when our offer was accepted put me into a mild panic attack that caused me to scream, “No, I don’t want it!”

OR the house that I wanted so desperately, I secretly contemplated divorce if my husband didn’t agree to it.

Despite the hundreds of homes that began to all look the same (except for the few that stood out simply for their interesting choice of decor), it finally happened…our HGTV moment!  It only took a smile shared between the two of us to know that this was it! We had walked into THE ONE.  It had everything we wanted, and more (complete with the white picket fence.)



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