I Hate Valentine’s Day

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I hate Valentine’s Day!!

I’m shy…reserved…fearful of attention.

Junior year.  New boyfriend.  Stage 5 clinger.

My friend, eyes wide.  “Don’t turn around!”

But I do. Instant regret.

Boyfriend…balloons….basket as big as a Buick.

Overflowing with cutesy-utesy-gag-worthy Valentine’s Day garbage.

Strained smile. Choked “Thank you.”

Panic!  What to do with it?

Carry it around all day?  No way!!

Leave it here?  Oh I wish!

Hide it? Yes…hide it! But where?

A classroom!

Inch forward…head down….avoid the stares…ignore the whispers.

“Keep it here?”

“Yes, you can.”

Instant relief flows through me like the Nile.

Starting at the bottom.  Ending as a long, slow sigh.

Halfway done.  Feeling positive.


Knock on the classroom door.

“These are for Jessica.”

A dozen, red, long stemmed roses.

Strained smile.  Choked, “Thank you.”

Eyes brimming with tears.

What to do with them?

Hide them?  Not possible!

Leave them here? “I’m sorry, you can’t.”

Carry them around?  Unfortunately.

Inch forward…head down….avoid the stares…ignore the whispers.

End of the day.

Relief? Nope!

Time to walk everything home.

Gather up my courage.

Collect the unwanted offerings.

Face red.  Eyes blurry.

Inch forward…head down….avoid the stares…ignore the whispers.

My house…my haven…my safe zone.

I’m in…it’s over.

My mom.  “How sweet!”


I hate Valentine’s Day!!





5 thoughts on “I Hate Valentine’s Day

  1. OMG do I love this slice! Your voice resonates so loudly here…I feel my cheeks turning red for you as you suffer through your day, dragging around Stage 5 clinger’s gifts…

  2. I have never ever considered it from this point of view. Thanks for that. One year I had a boy in my class who sent himself a “candy-gram” every day. Some days he sent many to himself. One day he said, “Miss, these are the only ones I ever get.” I relate more to that version of Valentine’s Day.

  3. Hahahaha! Oh my, I’ve never, but I’m living the horror with straight through this slice. God, this reminds me of good YA when you’re like completely transported back into your teenage self and able to hear how we talked, and felt, and lived way back when. This slice is cringeworthy and sort of adorable. 🙂

  4. I love this! As an adult, Valentine’s Day has lost it’s drama, but I teach middle school, so every year, I get the pleasure of sitting back and watching all the angst and insanity from a safe distance. Isn’t it crazy that we all survive?

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