Soaked Lion

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“March comes in like a lion….”

I only ever thought of that saying as a reason for a cute bulletin board with lions and lambs made by little kindergarten hands.  But this year, that saying absolutely applied to my life…

Yesterday afternoon, I was chopping strawberries in my kitchen while listening to the Disney station on Pandora and contemplating what my first Slice of Life  for 2017 would be about.  Smiling to myself as I thought about how witty I would be in my writing.

Tonight, I am desperately trying to focus on my first Slice despite the sound of 13 heavy duty fans drying out my torn apart lower level while my husband screws a comforter into our ceiling in an attempt to dull the din.  Praying that my March writing doesn’t sound too ‘poor me.’

Here’s the quick (and not TOO whiny) version of my situation.  While I was at work yesterday night, my husband arrived home right before the ridiculous storms.  Like a dutiful homeowner, he checked the drain by our lower level door to make sure it was clear, so we could avoid having to later clean up all the water that inevitable leaks in when it becomes clogged. With the drain nice and clear, he went about his nightly routine.  About 10 minutes later, he went downstairs to feed our cat (this is right about the time it started to monsoon outside), and noticed some water seeping under the door.  He opened the back door and WHOOOSH…a tidal wave of water roared past him and made its way through most of my lower level house.

Meanwhile, I am at work completely oblivious to the destruction that is ensuing at my home.  My husband calls work in a panic telling me I need to get home ASAP.  Now I love my husband dearly, but men sometimes overact, and I honestly didn’t think it was that life-threatening. I figured all we needed to solve this dilemma was a mop and bucket (boy, I wish I had been right).

My house was in turmoil!  The wave of water managed to rage a warpath that encompassed my mudroom, living room, basement, lower hallway and bathroom.  I think I would have cried when I first saw the mixture of water, soot, and outside debris everywhere, if I hadn’t been so overwhelmed by the chaos.

Suffice to say…there is a lot of water damage, and my house will be a construction zone for about a month.

Goodness, I hope March…”goes out like a lamb.”


6 thoughts on “Soaked Lion

  1. Stupid March Lions! Although I know this situation is incredibly frustrating, your writing kept drawing me in. I felt like we were having a conversation about the craziness of your night. I’m hoping that March becomes a little more like a lamb for you! Happy Slicing😄

  2. I still can’t believe that this was your Tuesday!!! What a crummy night… while the next month is going to be long, and LOUD, at the end, you’ll have a brand new basement!!!! Here’s to focusing on the positive…amid the chaos! Glad you’re back to slice! ❤

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