I Will Go

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I proudly consider myself a sports fan.  I love a Cubs game on a sunny, warm summer day. I love winter Sundays sitting around and watching the Bears (win or lose).  But hockey…not really my favorite sport to watch.  So, when my husband decided on the spur of the moment to purchase Blackhawks tickets for today’s game, I was mildly interested.

But I will go…

I will go for the drive into the city.  When you hit that one spot on the expressway where the city skyline rises above you, twinkling in the late afternoon sun.

I will go for the frenzy of the fans.  From the youngest ones who run around in their over-sized jerseys, laughing, to the oldest ones who have had tickets all their life, and experienced all the ups and downs of the franchise over the years.

I will go for the view.  Standing on the third level, staring down at the bright white, gleaming ice and scanning the crowds, taking in the reds, blacks and whites of the devoted men and women who have undying devotion to the team.

I will go for the electrifying feeling of the National Anthem.  When Jim Cornelison’s booming voice echoes off the stadium walls, and every fan is standing in awe of this man. who is as important to the team as the players.

I will go for the noise.  The thunderous applause, earthshaking  stomping, and at some points, ear splitting screaming when Toews or Kane or Hossa score a goal.

I will go for the excitement on my husband’s face.  He reverts back to a young boy who is watching his heroes play his favorite sport.  His eyes taking in every shot, block, and pass with a huge smile on his face.

I will go because Blackhawks’ hockey is something my husband loves.  And I love him and cherish every moment we spend together, even if it’s watching the one sport I’m not a fan of.


5 thoughts on “I Will Go

  1. I lived in Chicago my whole life until a year and a half ago when we retired and moved to New Mexico! I so miss Chicago sports especially hockey! Thanks for the memory of a game, I actually got goosebumps thinking about the singing of the National Anthem!

  2. Hi, I loved going to games in high school and college. I miss the excitement. I now go to my daughter’s fast-pitch softball games. You bring back the excitement of a big game well.

  3. Haven’t been to a Blackhawks game yet but really enjoy going to see the Chicago Wolves play. It is fun even if you are not a fan to just feel the electricity flowing through the crowd. Hope you had a great time!

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