The Perfect Marriage

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This September my parents will be celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary.  32 years and they have the perfect marriage.

Yes, my mom and dad have had their fair share of arguments, but to their credit, they have also had their fair share of obstacles.

When my sister and I were born, my mom gave up her successful career to care for us while my dad busted is back to provide for his girls.  Making sure we had food to eat, clothes on our backs, and vacations only dreams are made of.

When my dad was let go of his job as a roofing foreman, my parents didn’t allow themselves to wallow in self pity.  They dusted themselves off, and started their own roofing business that they still run to this day.

When my sick grandmother moved into our house, both my parents did everything imaginable to care for her.  They did their best to keep our lives as normal as possible.

And despite all of it, they are still together.

I recently got married, and if my marriage is even one half of what theirs is, I am truly blessed.  My parents have shown me the truest definition of love possible.  Love isn’t just romance and happiness, it’s struggles and fights and tears and heart break.  But it’s being able to take all the bad and move on.  To live every happy moment to its fullest with the one person you choose to spend your forever with.  My parents are soul mates and their life may have not been a fairy tale, but their love is.

Yes, my parents have had their fair share of fights, but they absolutely have the perfect marriage.









5 thoughts on “The Perfect Marriage

  1. Great slice! I have to admit, I was turned off when I read the second sentence, ” 32 years and they have the perfect marriage.” But, I was intrigued to find out of what this perfect marriage was made. I assumed it was all love, happiness, and smiles. I guess the word perfect did me in. I was so appreciative of your definition of “perfect marriage.” When you used the word perfect, I figured the entire piece was going to describe utopia which we all know cannot be achieved. However, as I reflect, not everyone’s perception of utopia is the same. Although, I do absolutely love the way you described a perfect marriage, because it isn’t all about “romance and happiness”, but so much more…how you deal with trials and tribulations together. My favorite line is “My parents are soul mates and their life may have not been a fairy tale, but their love is.” WOW! Just because their life hasn’t been perfect, nor has their marriage been free from arguments and issues at time, it is still perfect! LOVE this Jessica!!!!

  2. Awww! I hope you share this with your parents!!! What a sweet tribute to a wonderful relationship…and what a perfect description of what “perfect” truly means!

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