Oh How Fridays Change


Friday:  the end of a long and busy and occasionally stressful work week, but the beginning of a wonderful two day weekend.

Ten years ago, my Friday nights were the best night of my weekend.  It was the night all my friends got together for some stress free fun.  We had our night planned out days in advance.   We came home to our parent’s house, the one live in, but just seem to visit.  We were young and selfish and only needed to take care of ourselves.  We changed outfits three or four times before we found the perfect one for our night on the town.  We made sure everything was perfect from our hair to our shoes.  We didn’t dress weather appropriate, we dressed ‘single and ready to mingle’ appropriate.  We started our nights late and ended our nights early…early morning.  We came in exhausted, slept a few hours, and woke up energized.  We quickly showered (most of the time) and then it was work and possibly another night out.

Now, my Fridays are still one of my favorite nights of the weekend, but for such different reasons.  The ‘we’ is now my husband and I.  We come home to our home, the one we worked so hard to buy.  Before we go out, we have to make sure our fur babies are fed and loved and happy.  Change clothes, no way! That’s just more laundry to do tomorrow.  The only plan we make is where we are having dinner, which may or may not involve some alcoholic beverages.  We start our night early and end our night early.  In bed by 10…you bet!  We sleep several hours, wake up still tired, coffee, work, and then home and maybe another night out….if we can stay awake.


3 thoughts on “Oh How Fridays Change

  1. Oh, I can so identify with this “that was then, this is now” post! Those wild weekend nights have been replaced by a beautiful but exhausting family, with enough laundry, dishes and housework to fill the entire weekend. I love the line you wrote, “That’s just more laundry to do tomorrow.” So true! Thanks for sharing this well-crafted post!

  2. I hear ya!!! You took me down an interesting walk down memory lane. It’s hard to believe we used to do that crazy stuff. Reminds me of the quote; youth is wasted on the young! Lol. Fridays still are the very best – that much remains constant.

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