That One Time at Work…


Write. Share. Give.During high school, I had a job at Chuck E. Cheese.  It was never a dull day, but some days were a little more eventful than others.  And some stories are just too ridiculous not to share, but proceed with caution, this gets a bit gross.

One night, when we were just about to close up, a little boy came running out of the bathroom tattling to his parents about something that was occurring in the restroom.  The little boy claimed that a man was ‘drawing’ on the bathroom wall.  Of course, his parents did not believe him, so neither did the employees.

So we thought nothing else of it, locked up the doors, and began our closing, cleaning routines.  Not five minutes into wiping down the salad bar, my boyfriend, who also worked with me, comes running out of the bathroom laughing.

“You’ve got to see what’s in the guy’s bathroom!” he gasped in between chuckles.

“No thank you, I’ve cleaned that bathroom plenty.  Not a big fan of what I’ve seen in the past.”

“No seriously, please come in and see this!”

So, I did.  And part of me wishes I would have stuck to my guns and said no, but the other part of me is glad I went in; if only so that I could write this story now.

We probably should have listened to the little boy because he was definitely not lying.  A man did indeed draw on the bathroom wall.  His art piece of choice: one of those Jesus fish that you might sometimes see on a bumper sticker.  What he choose to work with?  Well I will let you use your imagination for that.  Let’s just say, this world is filled with interesting people.


3 thoughts on “That One Time at Work…

  1. Ha! You are correct, that is a story that should be written. If for no other reason, than for a laugh after a long day at school…where you never know what you will find in the boy’s bathroom.

  2. I saw “gross” and I clicked…I’m going to blame working with eight/nine year-old kids for that. But, you didn’t disappoint! Thanks for the smile!

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