A Lot Crazy


Write. Share. Give.Everyone is  a little odd and different and interesting and strange.

But I’m A LOT crazy!  I have idiosyncrasies like you wouldn’t believe!

It all started when I was little.  I wouldn’t go to the local Ace Hardware store with my parents because there was a clown statue by the In/Out doors.  If by some miracle, or trick, they got me to go, I would close my eyes as my parents dragged  me past the nightmarish clown.  My fear of scary things never really subsided though.  I still refuse to go into ANY haunted house, no matter what!  Not even the local one that is so horribly fake, you the can see the Air Jordans of the teenagers peeking out of  their costumes.

But I mean, that isn’t too abnormal, many people are fearful of clowns and haunted houses.  When I was little, I had an odd fear of death and sickness.  Like many families, we had our nightly routines; bedtime stories, goodnight kisses, ‘I love yous,’ and tucking ins.  But in my house, all of that was followed by the same two, really morbid questions:

“Am I going to be sick tonight?”

“Will I wake up?”

I know, so weird!  I have no idea how or why it started, and I still feel bad for my parents for having to answer those questions every…single…night.

My poor husband doesn’t have to deal with questions like that, but he does have to deal with my behavior when watching a TV show or movie.  If I know something bad or scary or sad is about to happen on the television, I don’t want to witness it.  So, I’ll casually get up and say, nonchalantly, “I have to use the washroom. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pause it. I’m sure I’m not missing anything.” To which my husband then sighs, shakes his head, and says, “Okay.”  I use the ‘bathroom,’ which is really me washing my hands so I can’t hear anything, return to the room, ask my husband to tell me what happened, and then continue the show or movie until I have to get up again.

There are several more crazy things I do, but that’s for another time.  For now, I’ll enjoy my crazy, I mean, who would I be without it?


4 thoughts on “A Lot Crazy

  1. Haaa! What an honest slice! Who is to say what is ‘normal’ and what is ‘crazy’. I often wonder what my behaviors look like to others! I giggled reading this. Keep being crazy!

  2. Love your last line, “For now, I’ll enjoy my crazy, I mean, who would I be without it?” Let’s hear it for our crazy! Here I am reading and writing to total strangers at 10:00 at night!

  3. This made me laugh! I totally understand everything you shared. I must have driven my mother mad when I was little with stuff just like this! Keep sharing your crazy!

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