Cry Baby

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I’m a crier.

It doesn’t really take much.  And my crying habits have nothing to do with my hormones, I’m just a really emotional kind of gal.  I should have probably been an actress because I would have acted the heck out of every and any crying scene.  Fake tears?  Get out of here with that garbage, I got this!

Obviously I cry at the normal things every one else cries about (weddings, funerals, emotionally draining life events, sad movies).  But there are several every day things that cause me to water up a bit.


Some of those commercials around Christmas time really pull at my heart strings.  There was one, no matter how many times I saw it, it made me weep.  It was the Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial where the daughter announces her pregnancy to her father by giving him baby sized gym shoes. I mean they were so tiny, and then her father started to cry…

Read Alouds 

There have been several times while reading aloud to my students that by the end of the story, tears start to sneak their way down my cheeks.   It doesn’t matte  that I read the books ahead of time, I still cry.  Then my students rush for tissues because they probably think that their teacher is losing it.  I mean in the story The One and Only Ivan when Stella dies…

Modern Family

I know, it’s a comedy, but it’s a comedy that makes me blubber.  At the end of every episode, my husband will turn around on the couch and say, “Are you crying?”  To which I respond with a sniffle and a smile.  He’ll shake his head, tell me I’m crazy, and switch to the next show.  I mean they’re such a loving and caring family…

Trending Facebook Videos

I love to watch them, but I hate what they do to me.  The ones that really get me are the Humane Society videos about stray animals found practically dead on the side of the road. They are taken in, taken care of , and given to loving families.  Or the ones where regular people go out of their way to do kind things for perfect strangers.  I mean who wouldn’t cry when some one does something  special for someone else, just because they can ….

Books in General

Most books are bound to make me cry.  Sometimes the tears are happy because my favorite character found love or happiness or completed their task.  Sometimes my tears stream down in tiny silent rivers because one of my friends from the story didn’t make it or they didn’t find true love.  Other times I’m sobbing and choking and heaving because some event came out of nowhere and caught me completely off guard.  I mean has anyone ever read My Sister’s Keeper…

Every now and then, every one needs a good cry…mine just happen more often!  I cry easily, but I like it!



6 thoughts on “Cry Baby

  1. Yes!!
    To all of the above, YES!!!!
    (And pardon me while I get a tissue…)
    How fun to read of a like-hearted soul!
    My daughter calls me the Weeping Woman — and, frankly, I wear the title with pride.

    Here’s to all the business we give Kleenex! (And don’t their commercials get you too….???)

  2. I am the same and said YES, YES, YES to all of the times you cry. I also found myself tearing up when I am so proud of some stranger- maybe it’s on the news, or an actor getting a big break!
    Read alouds! I love when the tears sneak up on your making your voice crack- The Gardener, The Teddy Bear, Edward Tulane

  3. I love this writing challenge because you learn so much about those you see everyday! I cry ask the time! And I think it’s great when students see your true emotion because we are not robots that sleep under the desk! !

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