It Finally Happened

It’s finally happened, I hit my wall.  I guess I should be impressed that I made it this far into the challenge before my mind went blank, as blank as my computer screen.  I try to draw inspiration from what’s around me, but unfortunately, as I look out my window, all I see is the the white snow.  The white snow that is as blank as my mind and computer screen.  When I try to draw inspiration from Eric, I get the following suggestions:


How the civil war was not civil

Comic books and how they make good movies

The 1992 Dream Team McDonald’s Collector Cups

I know he jokes, not to be mean, but to be funny, but he doesn’t get it.  He doesn’t understand that this challenge has changed me as a writer.  He doesn’t understand the confidence I have gained.  I am confident enough to write for strangers, co-workers, and friends.  So, despite the fact that I am unsure of what to write about today, I will be sure of myself tomorrow.  Because this challenge has inspired me. This challenge has made me want to walk up to people on the street, and simply say, “I am a writer. What do you do?”


6 thoughts on “It Finally Happened

  1. So good to hear you have gained confidence! After reading your posts I too realized that I have gained some confidence in my writing ability. I was even able to read one of my longer blogs to my students. Not that I don’t ever read what I write to them, but it is usually something I write with them in mind, to model, to demonstrate some skills I am teaching. This was different. It felt good! I even shared a few posts with my daughter. Thank you for making me smile about the suggested topics!

  2. Ha! You are not alone. My post today was gimpy and silly, not the funny kind of silly either. Pathetic, can’t write kind of silly. I’m determined now to just keep at it and say, “I did it!” I did a smile at your husband’s suggestions. My husband was funny tonight as we were thinking of a name for a baby hound dog. One of students had her mother bring her in to show us and was it ever cute, but it’s name was Blake. That cracked me up. A blood hound sniiffin’ coon dog named Blake. And was he ever howling at school today in his baby howl voice. My husband said they should have named him a name like “Raccoon John.” Don’t know why but that still cracks me up. Sounds like a famous Daniel Boone sidekick. I think I’m a better writer of comments. 😉
    D 🙂

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