Last Night

I went out last night.  Last night was the driving force that pushed me through my long work week.  I was so excited about going out last night.  I was hoping to have a night that was like old times.  Like the nights when I was a young twenty something without a care or worry in the world.  But, I am not a young twenty something anymore, and last night was not like old times.

The old times, those were the days when our nights didn’t stat until 8:30-9:00.  We gossiped about our latest terrible dates and the cute boys in the corner.  We dance and drink our cheap beer with an occasional shot or two.  The only baby is the youngest friend in our group.  We close down the first bar, and then find the next one that is open later.  When we close down that bar, we head home exhausted, but ready to do the same thing the next night.

Unfortunately, the old times are exactly that, old.  Now our night’s out start at 6:30, so that we are sure to get a seat.  Our conversations consist of our jobs, babies, and responsibilities.  We drink craft beers and wine.  Now there are actual babies out, and we don’t gossip about the cute boys because we are now married to them.  Closing down the bar is not even an option because most of the time, we are home in bed by midnight. The only thing that is the same, is how I feel the next day.


7 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. I can relate to this. Going out is so different now. I loved your comment about the wine and craft beer. So true!

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