Concentrating is Not an Easy Task

I had all day to write this Slice.  But it’s Monday and nothing came to me.  Sometimes Slices are perfectly poised on the tip of my fingers, itching to be typed out.  Other times a Slice is buried so deep in my head,  I have to concentrate really, really hard to retrieve it.

But concentrating right now is really difficult because…

I can’t keep my eyes open. (The only downside of my early morning workouts.)

Deadpool 2 is on the TV. (Any and every version of Ryan Reynolds is distracting.)

My husband is playing with the dog. (Which means she is jumping between the couches, including the one I am currently sitting on.)

My mind keeps wandering to the things I need to accomplish before bed. (Lunch, crockpot for tomorrow, work clothes)

My cat is scratching at a closed door.  (She doesn’t want anything in that particular room, she just doesn’t want the door shut.)

Now my husband is walking around with a winter cap over his face.  (Seriously, I couldn’t make this up if I tried.)

I had all day to write this Slice.  But Monday got the best of me, and this is the best I got.





7 thoughts on “Concentrating is Not an Easy Task

  1. I think your peek into this evening’s moments are true and interesting. At least you kept writing. The cat line was interesting. He could be an entire story it sounds like, when you have the energy to write about how you have him/her figured out and vice versa.

  2. Love your beginning… that idea itching to get out or buried deep down! Sometimes the best slices are the ones we write when we don’t know what to write about- zooming in on the small moments that turn out to be our big memories! Sweet slice!

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