Movies, Sweatshirts, and Sweatpants

My dad is amazing in so many ways, but when it comes to buying gifts, he is a real pain in my behind.  Every birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day, I ask the same question, and receive one of four answers.

“Hey Dad, what do you want for ______________________?”

A . Nothing (or I don’t know) – these two answers are interchangeable

B. Movies

C. Sweatshirts – plain, solid colors

D. Sweatpants – not a pair of stylish Under Armor or Nike. Nope, the type with elastic in the cuffs.

It’s gotten to the point that I refuse to buy him any of the above because they are such boring gifts.

A couple of years ago, I decided to to rogue and buy him some new clothes to help keep him looking young. That same year, I bought him a new pair of stylish shoes.  (My mom buys him the same pair of white gym shoes. Every. Single. Time.

Pretty sure they all still have the tags on them.

I am no longer allowed to buy clothes because, “Your father is particular about his shirts.” I am no longer allowed to buy shoes because, “Your father likes his white shoes, they are comfortable.”

So now gift buying is like a solving a cold case.  All year long my mom, sister, and I listen carefully for clues about things my dad may be interested in.

One year he causally mentioned that he would enjoy doing some boxing in the garage as part of his morning workout routine.  That Christmas he got a punching bag and a pair of gloves.  Last time I checked, both items were lost somewhere in the garage.

That next year, he hinted at taking up star gazing, and having a telescope would be so cool.  He would set it up in the office above the garage, and look out at the great cosmos.  That birthday, he got his telescope.  He did set it up in the office, but all he gazes at is the corner it is in.

Last year, he alluded to what a neat hobby metal detecting would be.  That Father’s Day, I bought him a metal detector, as well as a book titled 101 Things You Should Know About Your Metal Detector.  My dad now knows 100 more things than he needs to about his new toy, except that to use it, you need to actually take it out of the box and put it together.

So, this Christmas, birthday, and Father’s Day, my dad will receive a couple movies and a sweatshirt with matching cuffed sweatpants.  At least I know he will use that stuff.




34 and 1/2

Today I am 34 and 1/2 years old.  In six months I will be 35.  Now I know that 35 is not that old, but there is something about that age that saddens me.  But 6 months is a long time away, and there are still plenty of things I want to do before the big 3-5.

  • Lose 10 pounds (as I sit here eating leftover paczkis)
  • Learn to crochet (I know, I don’t like getting older, but yet I want to act old)
  • Experience an all nighter (right now the craziest my Saturday nights get are late night dinners with my parents after bowling.)
  • Read 2 books a month (my bookshelves = books I’ve read < books I haven’t read)
  • Date nights in the city (Chicago in the summer makes me feel young)
  • Watch the Cubs make the playoffs (I obviously want them to win the World Series, but I’ll already be 35 by then.)
  • Bowl a 175 (to many that is nothing, but my average is 100, so yeah…)
  • Not miss one day of the Slice of Life challenge (I’ve yet to do it in my four years participating)
  • Get pregnant (Nothing makes you feel young like having kids)

So, as much as I am not thrilled about 35, at least I’ll have plenty to do to keep it off my mind.


Today at work, I reached into my purse and pulled out a wand.  Well, to be fair, it wasn’t really a wand, but a pen.  A Harry Potter wand pen, to be exact.  As always, writing with my wand pen made me smile.  But it also made me think about how much Harry Potter swag I was actually rocking today.

Obviously, I had my wand pen.  I was also wearing my Deathly Hollows socks.  Then there’s my charm bracelet with the quote, “We all have light and dark in us.  What matters is the part we choose to act on.” (Which I wear to work every day.)  And lastly, the one piece of Harry Potter swag I can’t take off, and definitely my favorite, my tattoo.

Even typing the words ‘my tattoo’ feels strange.  I never saw myself actually getting a tattoo.  Partly because I don’t enjoy purposefully causing myself discomfort and pain. Partly because I wasn’t sure I could ever pick something that I wouldn’t look back on when I was 80, and think, “Why in heaven’s name did I do that?!”  But one day, my husband decided he was going to get one, and I didn’t want to feel left out, so I got one as well.

And I’m so glad I did!  Silly as it is, Harry Potter has played such a huge role in my life, that I am proud to display my love for it on me forever.  I kept it simple.  I have the infamous lightening bolt with the word ‘Always’ behind it.  I choose that word for two reasons.  In the book, Snape is asked if he still loves Lily Potter,  even though she did not choose him, and his response is simply, ‘Always.’  Having a love that strong for someone should be everyone’s life goal.  A love that never ends.  And secondly, Harry Potter will ALWAYS be a part of me.  A part of my life.

An Unpopular Opinion

I’m not the kind of girl that follows the crowd.  I like what I like, and whether or not it is ‘in’ doesn’t matter to me.

Have I liked things that were popular?  Definitely!

I was a Twlight fan back in the day.  Read all the books. Went to the midnight showings.  TEAM JACOB FOREVER!!

Were there trends I hated, but eventually gave in to?  Yea, it’s happened.

I swore up and down that I would NEVER own a piece of LuLaRoe.  And then one day,  a cute Disney pair were offered up at a great price, and I bought them.  Absolutely my favorite pair of weekend, bum around the house pants.

But there is one prominent, well loved phenomenon that I will not budge on…

A Star is Born.

I will not watch it…ever!

Why?  When everyone in the world swears it is amazing.  When friends and family insist I’ll love it.  I’m not 100% sure why I have such a strong dislike for this film, it could be a combination of a few reasons.  It could be…

  • I am not a Lady Gaga fan – I know she is completely different in this film, doesn’t matter, still Gaga.
  • That I don’t want my love for Bradley Cooper to be tarnished by his love for Gaga’s character – I don’t care about their ‘amazing chemistry.’
  • The fact that everyone in the world wants Cooper and Gaga to wind up together in real life – I might cry if that happens.
  • That it is a remake of a remake  – why did it need to be made three times?
  • That sometimes I am just stubborn – I don’t like when people insist I see something after I’ve said that I’m not interested.

So, there are A Million Reasons why I’ll Never Love this movie.  Is That Alright?


Is It Worth It?


My alarm sounded at 4:20 AM, like it does every Monday morning.  This morning, I wanted nothing more than to shut it off and snuggle back into my warm blanket.  Hopefully falling back into dream land quickly.

It’s freezing outside!

There’s no school today!

It’s a perfect day to sleep in!

All these excuses whined in my ear, but I shook them off, got up, and put my gym clothes on.

Now, if you know anything about me, I am not the type of person to get up early unless it is absolutely necessary, so getting up early on a day off?  No way!  Getting up early, on a day off, to go to the gym?!  Are you crazy?  That is, until about 8 months ago.

Over summer break, my sister asked me to visit her gym with her.  She knew I was looking to get back into working out, and she thought I’d like the place.  There was one catch, she could only go at 5 AM because of work.

The gym?

At 5AM?

On summer break?

Now it should have been a hard no, but I was intrigued.  And I am not one to try new things alone, so it was 5AM or nothing.

That first morning was ROUGH!  My alarm went off, and I was one snooze from ditching my sister.  Unfortunately, an early workout was nothing compared to an angry sister, so I went.

The workout was great, painful since it had been over a year, but great.  The people were really awesome – especially for 5 o’clock in the morning.  But the best part?  How productive I was when I got home!  Granted I wanted a nap by 10, but eventually I learned to fight through it. (Coffee helped out a bit.)

Since then, I haven’t looked back.  I get up early four days a week.  I look forward to working out.  I’ve met some amazing people.  And I feel great!

Guess there are some things worth waking up before the sun for.

Mrs. Wigglesworth


Wiggly Wrigley

Mrs. Wigglesworth

Cutie Patootie


Pain in my butt


I had two different dogs as I was growing up, Sasha and Dixie.  I loved them very much, but I didn’t realize how much love I could have for a pet until my husband and I adopted our first dog together, Wrigley.

She is my everything!  My heart is bigger because of her.  My life is better with her.  She is all I’ve ever wanted in a dog and more.

She’s a cuddler.  If you pull out a blanket, you are guaranteed to have her snuggled against you, next to you, or her very favorite, right in your lap.  She likes to spoon, usually she’s the little one.

She’s a lover.  She loves to give kisses and get kisses.  She greets family, guests, delivery people, basically anyone who comes to the door, with a tail wag and wet nose.  Her daddy loves to brag, “Everybody loves Wrigley!”

She’s a forever puppy.  She loves squeaky toys, tug of war, Frisbee, and fetch, although her version of fetch means you never get the ball back.

She’s a brat.  She sleeps between my husband and I every night.  She chases the cat all around the house.  She whines when she doesn’t get attention.  She occasionally begs when we are eating dinner.

In other words, she’s perfect.

We Didn’t…But We Did

My husband works six days most weeks, so when he gets the occasional Saturday off, we definitely take full advantage.

We did not wake up early, so we could hit the treadmill at the gym, but we did wake up well past the sunrise and hit snooze several times.

We did not make it to the  grocery store so we could load the empty shelves, but we did make it to breakfast so we could fill our empty bellies.

We did not catch up on the laundry piles spread out in the basement, but we did catch up on the drama and clues piling up in True Detective.

We did not empty the clean dishes from the dishwasher racks, but we did clean out the DVR must watch list.

We did not check off tasks from the ever growing DIY list on the fridge, but we did check in on all the questions and gossip we didn’t get to during the week.

We did not spend the day tidying the house and tackling the chores, but we did spend the day comfy on the couch, enjoying the company of each other.

We did not do anything that was very productive today…

But, we did love our lazy Saturday.