The Things I Do

Today my husband was in the mood to check items off his ‘Over Due – To Do’ list.  One of those items was helping me finish up a DIY project.  I handed him the supplies, and then I told him what I needed him to do.

You good?


Would you like me to leave you alone now?


As we all know, when you’ve been married, or lived with someone for a decent amount of time, there are always things about that person that drive you crazy.  It doesn’t mean you love that person any less, it’s just the way it works.   We all have idiosyncrasies that get under each other’s skin.  For example, my husband hates when I hover while he works on projects.  If he needs help, he’ll shout.

But as I was walking away from him, I started to think about some of the other things I do that drive him nuts.

  • After I have a cup of coffee, and the caffeine kicks in, I tend to ask him a lot of questions.  It’s not the questions that bother him, it’s the rapid fire way I ask them.  I forget he needs time in between questions to answer them.
  • He loves when he asks a question, and I answer with a question:

What do you want to do tonight?

What do YOU want to do tonight?

  • Another thing he’s a fan of, is my habit of starting a thought, and walking away before I finish it.  Or I’ll ask him about something, keep it very vague, and expect him to know exactly what I’m talking about.
  • Lastly, is when I use his car.  I drive like a grandma; seatback nice and straight, with the seat as close to the steering wheel as possible.  And, of course, country music on the radio is a must.  Occasionally, it slips my mind to put everything thing back the way it was.  And I might sometimes forget to turn the music down.

So, now I must go downstairs to check on him, I mean switch out the laundry.


5 thoughts on “The Things I Do

  1. Haha you’re not fooling him by going downstairs to “switch out the laundry.” He KNOWS why you’re really down there…and I’m sure he’ll greet you with an eye roll 🙂

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