If You Could Have One Superpower…


“I want to fun fast like the Flash!”

“I want to shoot web like Spiderman!”

“I want to be powerful like Black Panther!”

At one point or another, we have all asked our students to write a creative journal entry titled, “If you could have any super power, what would it be?”  And then you sit back and smile as your students share all the cool powers from whichever superheros just had the most recent movies.

Then of course, they ask you, and you share something lame like, “Oh, I’d fly like Superman, it would make finishing all my errands so much easier.”  But have you ever actually sat back and thought – I mean really thought – about what power you would want?

I have!  And you know what, I don’t want to fly like Superman or have cool cars like Batman.  I wouldn’t even want Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth!

I’d want the ability to know the perfect thing to say, to any person, at any time.  Not mind reading because, let’s be honest, that is just way to complicated!  I mean have you ever seen ‘What Woman Want’?  No thank you!  I just want to be able to give the most perfect response to any question or statement, in any situation.

Think about all those time in our lives where we are at a loss for words or put our foot in our mouths (I mean, that’s daily for me!) Never again!

That disagreement with a spouse or friend  – you could end that real quick, with one sentence.

That ‘friend’ from college who always seems to be doing better than you at everything –  politely let them know you never actually liked them or really care.

That really attractive trainer at the gym, who always has a witty or flirtatious quip – no more walking away, shaking your head, and thinking, “Did I just say ‘lol’ out loud!?”

That co-worker who has lost a loved one or suffered some heartache – no more stuttering over the obligatory condolences and ‘it will get betters.’

That one little thing you want to bring up to your supervisor, but every time you get within 10 feet of them, your fight or flight instinct suggests you run – now you can stroll right up to them and ask with confidence.

That student, that no matter how hard you try to connect, never seems to really open up – you can finally help them to put their trust in someone.

That aggravating ‘not my child’ parent, who is in constant denial – now you could help them open their eyes that, ‘yes your child’ and here’s how you can help me and them.

So, Captain American can keep his shield, I just would like a cure for my foot-in-mouth syndrome.

What would you choose?



8 thoughts on “If You Could Have One Superpower…

  1. Ohhh…that’s a good one. I’d have to say “me too” as far as knowing the perfect thing to say. The only other thing that might sway me would be the ability to invisibly nudge away people in the grocery store who are standing like a rock in front of the item I need.

  2. I love this slice!!! I think being able to have the perfect response in any social situation would be the best super power to have! Sometimes, it is so hard to know what someone needs us to say to them… Super creative slice!

  3. I love these questions. My students and I love to play “would you rather” and come up with questions such as which superpower would you rather have. If going back in time was a superpower, I think I may choose that. Though that could get a bit complicated….

  4. I loved your slice!!! I laughed and smiled at a lot of it. I need that superpower!! I’ve always thought mine would be mind reading… but you’re right that would get too much. Now I’m thinking teleportation. It would make road trips and long flights go away, which I would love!

  5. Such a unique slice. I love your wish and quite frankly, never gave a thought to how wonderful it would be to always know the perfect response. Food for thought! Thanks.

  6. Great inspiration! You entertained with a truth. I too always think of what I should have said, hours later. That super power would help. Let me think of any super power I could use.

  7. This Slice made me sit back and think. The superpower you’ve chose is perfect especially in our profession. I’ve asked my students this question before and usually I don’t have a solid answer for them. I never want to pick one they’ve already chosen and I’m often left saying ‘I don’t know.’

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