Another March 31st


Like previous years, another Slicing Challenge has ended.  Like the previous years, I was not perfect…I had a few Slices that weren’t my best and I missed a few days.  Like the previous years, I grew…I had Slices that evoked emotion in me as well as others and I produced writing that far surpassed my Slices from four years ago.  Like previous years, I am now left with one question…

Now what do I spend my days thinking about?

Every morning was the same…wake up, get ready and ask myself…

What will I Slice about today?

Every drive to work was the same…stop, go, slow down…

Should I Slice about that one time?  

Every work day was the same…teach, assist, encourage…

What format will I use today?

Every afternoon was the same…do the laundry, make dinner, feed the family…

Time is running out, what should I Slice about?

Some mornings, the Slices came easy, while others my creative mind struggled.  But no matter how difficult it was, there was nothing more satisfying that hitting that ‘Publish’ button.  Honestly, I’m always debating on February 28th, whether or not I am participating this year.  Yes, it’s a commitment.  Yes, it takes up some time.  Yes, it is definitely not easy.  But it is rewarding.  And yes, I will be participating next year.


5 thoughts on “Another March 31st

  1. You said it perfectly: …it is definitely not easy. But it is rewarding.
    I’m looking forward to the time I will free up now that this commitment is complete but, at the same time, I’m really going to miss the challenge of finding that one thing to write about each day. It kept me searching and thinking and stretching myself.

  2. I agree that it takes time. There were nights where I did NOT want to post because I thought I had nothing to write about. But somehow I always found inspiration. I’ve enjoyed reading your slices.

  3. Hi there, I just wanted to say that I approve of your blog name, “Learning through Living”. I actually was planning to name my blog this (ah, it would have been so perfect!), until it told me it was already taken. Anyway, nice blog.

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