She Sees Him

My Papa died several years ago, and even though he left memories in all our hearts, he left his mark on my parent’s home.

When my parents decided to add an addition to the house, two features were a must: a brick fireplace and the addition itself would also be brick

Now my Papa was a retired bricklayer, so there was no one better for the job.  Papa would come over every day to work and every day my mom would be his apprentice.  She worked with him, side by side, hauling bricks, mixing mortar, passing tools, and cleaning up.

She tells us quite often that those days, no matter how hard, were some of her favorite memories.  She cherishes those hours they spent together, daddy and daughter, even though many of them were spent in silence, just getting the job done.  Those are hours and days that can never be taken away from her.  My Papa put his heart and soul into that brickwork, and every morning, when my mom wakes up, she is lucky enough to see Papa.

My mom sees him whenever she looks at the magnificent fireplace in their living room

Whenever she decorates it with all our stockings, lights, and garland during Christmas time.

Whenever my dad lights a fire on those cold winter nights.

My mom sees him whenever she gazes upon the beautiful brickwork on their home.

Whenever she lounges on the back deck, reminiscing of old times in her own childhood home.

Whenever our family is gathered in the back yard for one of the numerous parties, having fun, but also yearning to have those empty seats filled again.

Yes, my Papa was taken from us  several years ago, but there is a part of him in my parent’s home, a part that can never be taken away.


8 thoughts on “She Sees Him

  1. So beautiful and loving. I love how you can see your grandfather in this beautiful fireplace. Something that you will always have to share with your family for years to come.

  2. This is beautiful! What a great way for her to look back on those wonderful memories, through a piece of her home. I’m sorry for your loss! It sounds like you all remember him fondly often.

  3. Oh my…what a beautiful post! I love how ingrained these memories of your grandfather are- both literally and figuratively. What a comfort to your mom that a little piece of her dad is always with her. I hope you shared this with her ❤

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