Road Kill My Emotions

Today while my friend (and moral support) was driving me to court (I’m a teacher who was speeding in a school zone),  I noticed 3 dead raccoons on the side of the road.  And believe it or not, these poor raccoons (may they rest in peace) sparked today’s Slice.

About eight years ago, I made my first big purchase.  I had been at my first teaching job for about 3 months, was living with my parents (so no rent or bills), had a part time job, and money that was burning a whole in my pocket…so I bought a brand new car.  My car was so brand spanking new, it only had 6 miles on it!  It was such a huge commitment, and I was ecstatic.

One day, I was enjoying a cruise in my new ride.  I was driving down a stretch of road that had a speed limit of 50.  When suddenly I saw it…the raccoon.  I freaked out!  I couldn’t stop because I was going too fast.  I couldn’t swerve because I didn’t want to cause an accident.  So, I hit it.  The thud thud of my front and back  it, still haunts me to this day.  I was hysterical!

Oh my goodness!  I just killed a living thing,

What if that was a mommy raccoon?  I just orphaned a bunch of baby raccoons!

What if it was Daddy?  Now who’s going to feed and support all those little mouths?

I was inconsolable the rest of the drive home.  I panicked my father when he saw my face.  I managed to stammer through the tears.


“Oh I’m sorry!  Did you check your car?”

Tears stop suddenly. “Why would I do that?”

“Raccoons are big.  They can cause damage.”

I ran out the door alarmed.  My bummer was cracked!  My brand, new baby was scarred.

My sympathy for the raccoon vanished instantly.


2 thoughts on “Road Kill My Emotions

  1. Oh my goodness!! This is so funny! I loved reading it. Mine was just a squirrel, and there were no dents in my car, but you brought me back to the horrifying realization that I had used my new car to take a life. The ending was perfect. Ha!!

  2. Hitting something with your car is such a horrible feeling! I made it until my late 20s before a cat darted under my front wheels and I hit it. I was inconsolable for several hours. I did not think to check my car either!

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