Book Envy

This was inspired by a fellow slicer’s slice Kim K. on Live, Love, Teach…My March Trade




They stare at me


From their spots on the dusty shelf.

They wonder


“What did we do?”

“Why are we being ignored?”

I feel their


“We’ve been nothing but true to you.”

“We’ve been there whenever you needed us.”

Soon, I say


They are itching to be opened,

To have their pages turned,

To have me hang on their every word,

I miss you, I say.

I miss you.

I want to visit their characters.

I need to curl up and get lost in their stories.

I long to laugh and cry and feel anger with them again.

But I have to finish, I say

I have to finish.

I have been so dedicated to my Slices.

Written more during this challenge than the years prior.

Only missed one day.

I will finish strong.

One more week, I say to my books on their shelves.

One more week.


8 thoughts on “Book Envy

  1. What a beautiful way to write about your books and love of reading. It very much spoke to me personally! I love how you personified them and all they mean to you! Good luck with your last week…keep slicing…we are so close!!!

  2. Love this post as I can so relate to it! I have TWO new books sitting on my shelf in my living room and every time I walk in the door they are calling to me. I feel the same way, “I will get to you, I haven’t forgotten you, but so much to do first!” Ha. I feel like I go through phases where I just read one book after another and get in my groove, but then life happens. Between family and work and taking an online class, and yes, writing daily… It’s hard to find the time to get to our books! I can’t wait for April Vacation week when I can actually READ again! Good luck with the last week! 🙂

  3. I LOVE this poem. I just printed it out to share with teachers. Your use of voice is powerful and carries the poem forward. Like you, I have written more than I have read. I join in your voice, “Soon.”

  4. My reading life has really taken a back seat…but it has been more than the month of March so I can’t use writing as my excuse! Good luck with finishing strong and then…soon will be here.

  5. I got my Slice finished early tonight for the exact reason of “cheating” on writing to hop in bed with… a BOOK! #perfectFridaynight One more week!!!

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