Wrigley’s Takeover

Hi!  My name is Wrigley (I’m named after some big backyard in the city where people are allowed to run around, but not puppies…I don’t get it.)  Anyway…my Mommy said that since it was National Puppy Day (and I’m 11 months old), I get to be the topic of her Slice today.  So, I thought I’d tell you a little about myself…what I like and don’t like.


* Window gazing:  I love to lay on top of the couch cushions and watch the world go by my front window.  For the best view, I have to get my nose right up on the glass, and  I have to look from several different vantage points.  I’m not sure why this annoys Mommy so much…

* People:  Obviously Mommy and Daddy are number one…I love them equally, so they have to share that coveted spot.  Number two…everyone else.  And I mean everyone…delivery people…neighbors…the mailman…basically anyone who comes in or by the door.  Mommy says that I’m not a good watch dog, but I don’t understand, I am great at watching everyone walk right in…I even do it while wagging my tail.

*Kaner (my older kitty sister):  I love Kaner!!  I love chasing her and barking at her and trying to play with her and offering her my toys (which she never takes.)  I just don’t understand why she’s always so grumpy, I mean I’m constantly jumping on her to get her attention.  And I try to back her into corners, so that I have 100% of her attention.


*Personal Space:  I don’t get it…why would I lay at the end of the bed, when it is so much more comfortable to lay in between Mommy and Daddy.  Also, the best is when I cuddle up right next to one of them while I sleep.  Same thing for the couches, why would I lay on that cold floor when I can lay on top of a warm Mommy or Daddy.

*Clutter:  I regularly help Mommy keep the house clean by making sure all the tables and shelves are clear.  I can’t get  to the garbage can, so I rip things up into little pieces, so it is easier for Mommy to vacuum up when she gets home.  I mean she loves that thing…she’s always using it.  I make sure to help Mommy clear the clutter when she’s at work, that way she’s surprised when she gets home.

*Being ignored:  I can’t help it, I’m only a baby, I crave attention.  I need to be the first fur baby greeted when Mommy and Daddy come home, even before they put down whatever is in their hands.  I need them to play with me at 10:00 at night because even though they’re ready for bed, I have so much pent up energy!  I know I shouldn’t back talk them when they tell me no, but I can’t help it…I mean, I’m not even 1 years old yet.

(I mean, come one, look at this face.)


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