1 Cup of Common Sense


I enjoying cooking dinner, and I’m pretty good at it too.  Unfortunately, I sometimes forget to add common sense to the recipe…

Like tonight.  About halfway through my meal prep, smoke started to pour out of the oven. Through the chaos of the smoke alarms blaring, opening the doors to air out the house, and turning on every ceiling fan possible, I realized that the grease from the meatballs had fallen onto the stove bottom.  I chose to use the cookie sheets without sides.  This caused my husband to have to quickly wipe out the bottom of the stove, while shaking his head with his best ‘Only you’ smirk.

While I waited for the oven to be clean so I could continue cooking dinner, I remembered another time I decided to forgo common sense…

I was 12 years old and babysitting the two little girls across the street.   It was snack time and we had voted on microwave popcorn.  So, being the responsible babysitter I was, I asked the 8 year old, “How long do we put the popcorn in for?”  Her response…”8 minutes.”

Several questions still haunt me to this day…

Why did I not just read the directions on the bag?

Why had I never made microwave popcorn prior to that day?

Who asks an 8 year old for help?

As 95% of the world knows, 8 minutes is entirely too long, and it only took 5 minutes in for the house to become smoky and to reek ofburnt popcorn.  As I quickly removed the bag from the microwave, and tossed it into the sink, I realized a very important lesson…I was incredibly book smart, but strongly lack what my mother referred to as, ‘street smarts.’

“Common sense, not so common,”  is a favorite saying of my husband.

I then remind him that he didn’t marry me for my common sense…he married me for my looks.


4 thoughts on “1 Cup of Common Sense

  1. I am not high on common sense–it comes from being a musician and a writer and a general daydreamer. I always think of that scene in “Anne of Green Gables” when Anne gets carried away imagining and the mouse dies in the pudding! I think you’re in good literary company (and reality company, too!) 🙂

  2. I’m pretty sure we could be related! Both my husband and my father tell me this all the time! Since you were so brave to share your example, I’ll share mine (I can’t believe I’m doing this): when I was young, my dad asked me to run the vacuum over the carpet before he came home from work. When he arrived home and took a look at the carpet, lint and a few other items obviously NOT vacuumed up, he asked if I had run the vacuum over the carpet. I answered, “yes!” He said, “Then why is there still stuff on the floor?” I thought for a moment and said, “But you never said to turn it on!” It is still an ongoing joke in my family until this day. Thanks so much for sharing and reminding me I’m not alone! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness!! Thats so funny! Thanks for sharing your story! My whole family teases me too. No worries, you and I have several other wonderful talents, there just wasn’t any room for a ton of common sense!

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