My Willpower is Weak

Since today is National Poetry Day…

Like many people out there, I have a few flaws.

Nothing so bad that I’m breaking some laws.

If I’m honest, my willpower is absolute crap.

Time after time, I am lured in its trap.

On Monday, healthy food is where it’s at.

By Wednesday…ohhh Chipotle!  I’ll have that!

Just one more Netflix episode, then onto the chores.

Eight binge hours later, it’s time for some snores.

Productive days off…I’ll get up around seven.

By the time I roll over, it’s ten to eleven.

One more chapter, then bed, I need to sleep.

As I turn the last page, my alarm starts to beep.


Weekends only for cookies and candy and cake.

It doesn’t count when I add some fruit to my shake.

I’ll fix it one day, there’s no need to stress.

My willpower is  a constant work in progress








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