They Did It


I have the best parents…ever.  I dare anyone to argue that fact with me.

When I was born, my mom gave up her downtown office job to stay home and raise me, and later my sister.  My dad busted his butt during the week and surrendered his weekends to more working, so that we could have someone at home with us all the time.  As we grew, we never needed for anything, and we never knew how difficult it was to raise two children on one income.  Only now, do I truly understand how arduous it was to feed and clothe and educate and entertain two children, who at times were not very grateful, on a limited income.

They did it!

When my dad unexpectedly lost his construction job, but parents did not allow themselves to wallow in self pity or waste their breath on ‘why us’.   They researched and made calls and talked to banks and opened their own business out of our home.  The business did well  at times,  and not so well other times.  They never gave up, pushed through the rough times, and still provided us with more than we ever needed or wanted.

They did it!

When our home became too small for our family of four, my parents attempted to sell. Unfortunately, our little home was too little for others as well.  My parents’ solution…build more room, create the perfect home for us.  So, they drew up plans and called in friend and bought materials and literally built our new addition with their own two hands.  I’m still in awe every time I stand in those rooms…my parents’ blood, sweat, and tears are forever etched into the very fabric of their gorgeous home.

They did it!

When my grandmother became too sick to live on her own anymore, my parents moved her into our home.  They sacrificed their own bedroom and bed…sleeping on a mattress in the living room, so that their daughters’ lives wouldn’t be too affected by the new living situation.  They dedicated hours and days and weeks and years to making sure that my grandmother’s last years were as sweet and comfortable and happy as possible.  There were rough days, but through it all, they focused on us and not them.

They did it!

When life handed my parents lemons, they made lemonade, set up a stand, and sold the hell out of it.



4 thoughts on “They Did It

  1. WOW! You blew me away with this piece. If you could see me right now I am raising the roof for them. What an amazing example they have set for you. I like how you repeated “they did it”. Really helped to push the reader to truly understand the end of your post. #relationshipgoals

  2. Awww! What a beautiful tribute to two wonderful parents! What great descriptions of how their hard work persevered above all. I hope you shared this with them!

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