Chicago Sports 4 Life

To say that my husband and I are Chicago sports fans is the understatement of the century.  We may or may not have a problem.

  • My husband and I met at a Cubs game.
  • Our cat, Kaner, is named after Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks, and our puppy, Wrigley, is named after the Friendly Confines.
  • We believe in three seasons…baseball, football, hockey.
  • Dinner is complete without a rundown of the sports news from the day.
  • A peek into our closet will reveal several authentic (my husband is a jersey snob) jerseys from the Bears, Blackhawks, and Cubs.
  • Every Christmas, it is guaranteed that we will give the other some sort of Chicago sports related gift.  This year I received a David Ross Cubs jersey and my husband was given several World Series related items.
  • During the football months, every Sunday is dedicated to the Bears, no matter how bad they are that year.
  • Despite the fact that I am not a hockey fan, Blackhawks games overrule all other TV, especially during playoff season.  I may not watch, but I’m in the room for emotional support.
  • Both our birthdays fall near Labor Day weekend, so we forgo exchanging gifts and instead go to a Cubs game.
  • During Cubs post season, we spent more money on playoff tickets and bar tabs than we did on our mortgage.
  • When Kris Bryant threw the final out to Anthony Rizzo, which led to the Cubs World Series Win, my husband and I cried…probably more than on our wedding day.

Chicago sports are our life.  We live and breathe them…well most of them.  We don’t have time for the Bulls.




7 thoughts on “Chicago Sports 4 Life

  1. Too funny!
    Our house is the same during football and hockey seasons.
    I’m not much of a baseball fan, but my husband grew up and remains a Cubs fan (despite growing up and still living on the south side).
    Glad you share this love with your husband!

  2. I’m diehard Cards, all my life. I’ve been a Chiefs fan my whole life too. I’ve been to Royals games and loved them. However, my husband is not a sports guy. He likes sports, but he’s not a fan.
    Good for you that you can both enjoy these things.

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