My Morning Routine

My morning routine starts off like most people’s.

The alarm sounds.  I groan, hit the snooze button, and roll over for five more minutes.  Eventually I extract myself from my warm bed, and my even warmer puppy who insists on laying side by side, right next to me.

Then I shower, dress, fix my hair, and throw on my makeup…nothing too special.

Once I am presentable for the classroom, the fun starts.  First, I walk around my house Wrigley-proofing it.  This basically means, I need to make sure my 11 month old puppy is securely trapped in the few rooms she is allowed access to throughout the course of the work day.  Next, I walk around those rooms trying to determine which items are ‘edible’ and need to be moved, and which items are ‘inedible’ and able to stay in their present place. The list of ‘edible’ grows longer every day.  Make sure the curtains are open for optimal doggy window gazing, and we are set…for the dog.

Now it’s time for Kaner negotiating.  My three year old cat is not allowed in the bedroom because that room is off limits to Wrigley.  Turns out the bedroom is the ‘trouble making’ room for Wrigley, so therefore, no animal is allowed in it.  Kaner is you typical cat, which means she is difficult, so she spends her morning routine under the king-sized bed, directly in the middle.  Too far in for me to simply drag her out.  So, I must tempt her within grabbing distance with treats.  Usually it takes between 4-5 treats to encourage her out.  Throughout this process, I am laying (in my school clothes) on the ground begging her to hurry up.  Unfortunately she is catching on, so our three minute struggle has turned into a ten minute one.

Once the cat is out, its a quick grab and go smoothie, smooches for all the fur babies, and I’m on the road.  See…my morning routine is probably just like yours.




4 thoughts on “My Morning Routine

  1. Fur babies are the best! Mornings would not be so exciting without them. Sounds like both pets know how to get your attention! There are 4 dogs in my house and I still find things chewed now and then! Arggg!!!

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