Horrible Hump Day

The sun was shining.  Eric and Kathy were on my radio. I was enjoying my yummy fruit smoothie.  I was ready to take on Wednesday! And then it happened, the swirl of red and blue in my rear view mirror. My first time ever being pulled over!

I had always wondered how I would react during my first pull over.  Would I cry?  Would I know why I was pulled over?  Would my anxiety overtake my common sense and cause me to do something stupid?

I calmly pulled over, and tried to slow my beating heart.  I racked my brain trying to figure out what law I had broken.  I wasn’t driving that fast.  My plate sticker isn’t due until the end of the month.  I definitely did not blow a red light.  What did I do?

“Ma’am, do you know you were going 38 in a school zone that is 20?” Crap!  Well that’s embarrassing considering I’m a teacher.  Just hold it together.  Don’t cry!

I shakily handed over my driver’s license and pulled up my insurance.  Then waited while the police officer returned to his car to do whatever police officers do during those excruciating minutes before your consequence is delivered.  What is he doing back there?  I can’t believe I was speeding.  Oh man, I’m going to be late for work.  Hey, at least I have a slice for later.  Don’t cry!

Five minutes later, even though it felt like an hour, he returned.  As he handed me my ticket, he administered my sentence, while the tears blurred my eyes and threatened to fall on my citation.  “Since you were speeding in a school zone, you automatically have to make a court appearance…blah..blah…blah.”  Seriously?!  I can’t just pay a fine!  My first freaking ticket and I have to show up at court!  Can I cry now?

As soon as I pulled away, the tears streamed down my face.  Hey, at least I didn’t do or say anything stupid.


8 thoughts on “Horrible Hump Day

  1. I did the same thing once and I also had to go to court. It’s okay, it’s a bother and you feel bad, but it’s so easy to miss that school zone notice. I didn’t notice the flashing yellow light. Oh well.

  2. Well, it made a good slice! So sorry- we all make these mistakes and I’m sorry you got pulled over. It is so frightening and shocking. Good job writing your “inner story” of the emotions and thoughts coursing through you.

  3. So sorry to hear of this rough start to your day! It’s such an uncomfortable experience. Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  4. Oh no! You set up the intro perfectly making me think the post was going to be about this great day you had. Then…it happened. I especially enjoyed the part when you shared your thinking as you were waiting for the officer to return. “Hey, at least I have a slice for later” was hilarious. Isn’t it funny how somehow everything that happens in March is something you can write about – whether good or bad?!?! Great slice!

  5. Oh, I’m so sorry! I got pulled over doing 15 over in a residential area three minutes after hitting a deer!…and on my very first day of a new teaching job!! I’m sorry about your terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day!! I hope Thursday is better! 🙂

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