Happy Half Birthday To Me

Today is my half birthday.  Today I am 32.5.  In 6 months I will be 33 years old.  33…a rather uneventful age.  I can still be described as being in my early thirties, but I am also one year closer to 40.  I no longer eagerly anticipate my birthday, but I also don’t dread it.   My birthday is now just a day when my Facebook wall and phone become overrun with birthday wishes.  But it still blows my mind that I’m an adult because so much of me is still a kid.

I’m so not an adult when…

-my most popular Pandora station is Disney Children radio

-or when my bookcase is filled with more YA books than age appropriate material

-or when one in every five articles of clothing is Harry Potter related

-or when my vacation preference is Disney World or Universal Studios over any beach

-or when you look at my DVR and see that I record at least two Disney shows weekly

-or when I play video games in between my housework.

But then I’m totally an adult when

-I’m signing that monthly mortgage payment

-or when I think about how every DIY home project only increases my home’s value

-or when my mom asks ME for advice

-or when I get home after working both jobs

-or when I realize this year is my turn to host a holiday

Although I am an adult, I like to balance it out with my kid side too.

Today is my half birthday.  Today I am 32.5.  In six months I am 33 years young.


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