Waiting for Xfinity

Rainy Mondays are perfect for errands, so my first stop of the afternoon was the local Xfinity store.  As soon as I walked in, I regretted my decision.  Every person in Orland Park had the same idea as me.  The waiting area was full of customers who all wore the same exact look…impatience.  I checked in via the machine, did not speak to a person, and took my seat.

What brought me in today you ask?  Why am I sitting here watching the time tick by, person after person get called, but my name stay riveted to that number 19 all…the…way…at…the…bottom?  Because my sweet, adorable, almost 11 month old puppy chewed not one, but two of our remotes.

I know, I know, puppies chew things.  I know, I know, we are supposed to be more vigilant.  Believe me, we are trying our hardest to deter this awful chewing habit of Wrigley’s, but unfortunately, she is not very picky about what she chooses to chew.  And she’s our first puppy, so we are still working the kinks out of being doggy parents.

So as I sat there waiting, I started to tick off a list. Her path of destruction has included…

  • three remotes
  • a couch cushion
  • numerous pairs of shoes
  • a clip on reading lamp
  • a couple of Daddy’s baseball caps
  • a phone charger (or two, maybe)
  • a Michael Connelly book  (she devoured it..hee hee)
  • a beautiful, personalized, wooden ‘First Home’ ornament
  • the wooden window sill
  • and every one of her stuffed animal toys – she loves to rip out the little plastic squeak hearts inside and leave a trail of stuffing in her wake

After an hour of quiet thinking, I’m interrupted by my name:

“Hi Jessica, how can I help you today?”

“Hi, my puppy insists on chewing through our remotes, so I need two more.”

“All you need are the remotes?”


“I’m sorry, they could have done that for you as soon you walked in.”

Awesome!  Good to know for next time.



2 thoughts on “Waiting for Xfinity

  1. I might have lost my mind! I once stood in that line forever to find out I could have just quickly gone in and out….here’s hoping that Wrigley has learned his lesson- I know you have learned yours about waiting at Xfinity!

  2. Ohhh…painful ending! Well, it sounds like you took it in stride and looked at the bright side of things. Good luck to keeping the new remotes safe from Wrigley’s puppy teeth!

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