I Miss Normal


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Due to unforeseeable circumstances (the monsoon from last Tuesday), my house has been in disarray and chaos.

And I can’t wait for my house (and my life) to get back to normal.

I can’t wait to experience silence again. (The fans have been going for four days continuously and luckily they are leaving this afternoon.)

I can’t wait to not want to cry every time something minute doesn’t go my way. (Every tiny issue has brought on ugly crying completely with shoulder shaking sobs.)

I can’t wait to stop being that person who friends are afraid to ask, “Hey, how are you doing?”  (Unfortunately, I have become a HUGE, whiny, Debbie Downer.)

I can’t wait to have my fur babies back to their sweet and mostly innocent ways. (They too are stressed, and are acting out like moody teenagers.)

I can’t wait to not want to bite off the heads of my family and friends simply because they didn’t phrase a text or conversation the exact way my stressed out mind thought is should be said.  (It is absolutely not their faults this happened, but stress does crazy things to the emotions.)

I can’t wait to have access to my WHOLE house again.  (Being confined to a few rooms does not bode well for any couple during stressful situations.)

Above all else,  I can’t wait to be me again.  Happy…smiley…fun to be around…me.  (Because, honestly, I wouldn’t want to hang out with me right now.)

I know there is a a light that the end of this dark tunnel.  I just have to have a little patience (and maybe walk a bit faster) to get to it.


5 thoughts on “I Miss Normal

  1. I can relate to how you’re feeling. While my issues are quite different than the ones you are facing, I have so many plates spinning right now. It is nice when those who are close to us can understand and we just need to be left alone. But, for both of our sakes, I hope that this passes quickly.

  2. Extended stress due to situations beyond your control is awful! More than once in life, I’ve missed normal or wished for a quite different reality to BE my normal.

    Best of luck in quickly reaching your goals of peace and restored access to your home– and your normal.

  3. You have had a very stressful week…and you are completely entitled to feeling the way you do. We have all been there- where things just can’t seem to go right, now matter how hard you try (and hope). Your family and friends understand and are always there for ya! Here’s to a new week, hopefully one filled with good news and happier times! ❤

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