My Favorite Saturday

Every month, the hardware store I work at provides a free kids’ workshop.  Each child gets a chance to build and paint a wooden project that is all theirs!  I get the honor of being c0-director, and it is by far my absolute favorite Saturday of the month!

I see…

The enthusiastic smiles of the children, as they are about to start their project…this is their favorite Saturday of the month too.

Brightly colored projects coated with some much paint, it will take days to dry completely.

Little girls in pink skirts and little boys in camouflaged outfits topped off by their little orange aprons.

I hear…

The banging of the hammers as little hands attempt to hit little nails, and big fingers attempt to avoid banging hammers.

The patient voices of mommy or daddy, as they try to explain the next step, but those pesky hammers refuse to leave those stubborn hands.

The delighted giggles as each finished project is met with, “Oh my goodness, you did so great!”

I feel…

The excitement each little bambino has as they run up to the table to grab their project and dive right in.

The pride the children feel as they show off their projects, that they made…with just a little help from mommy or daddy.

The gratitude that mommy and daddy feel due to the hour or so of free  entertainment that they don’t have to provide.

I smell…

The sawdust drifting through the air due to our location in the lumber aisles.

The determination of each child, and parent, to master this project…making sure it is just a tad bit better than the last one.

I taste…

My large caramel coffee because as much as I love this day…it’s still a pretty early Saturday morning.

The victory of, yet again, running a successful and enjoyable workshop.



8 thoughts on “My Favorite Saturday

  1. I love these Saturdays, too! So glad we get to share in this experience together! What I love most about this piece, besides the topic, is your structure…I’m loving the sensory descriptions- so easy to imagine and so perfectly depicted!

  2. This post perfectly describes what it is like on those project Saturdays. Your description made me feel as if I was there this Saturday – maybe next time I will send the girls.

  3. I love the structure of this so much! I wish that I was there to feel all of that too! Next time for sure! Cute Slice!!!!

  4. My husband has taken our children on many a Saturday and come home with a slight headache! The kids loooove it though! I love how you described your experience with all your senses!

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