Write. Share. Give.Its raining and thundering and lightning and I’m disappointed.  My disappointment has nothing to do with the actual thunderstorm, but everything to do with its timing.

I hate late night thunderstorms when I’m sleeping.  I don’t get a chance to really enjoy them.  Sure it’s nice during warm summer night storms to open the window and fall asleep to the piddle paddle of the rain on my window sill.  But it’s not my favorite.

I love the  early evening thunderstorms when its hot outside.  The ones where I can sit on my balcony with my husband (and possibly a glass of wine), and just enjoy the sounds of the storm.  We don’t talk.  We sit.  We sit and admire Mother Nature in all her glory.

Or I love the storms that start really early on a Sunday morning and last all day.  The ones where the sun sleeps in all day underneath her cover of gray.  Where I use the rain as a perfect excuse to put on my comfy pajama pants and that holey sweatshirt I refuse to throw away and stay in all day.  I snuggle up under my softest blanket and watch movies and eat take out and just be a bum.

I have grown to love a good thunderstorm, just not the ones where I only enjoy them in my dreams.


3 thoughts on “Thunderstorms

  1. I absolutely LOVE thunderstorms!! I used to sit outside on our driveway with my mom watching as the storm rolled in. No one will do that with me now – everyone is afraid they’ll get struck by lightning. Boo!!!

  2. I also love thunderstorms. Your description of sitting outside on the porch…I can just imagine it. The light show yesterday prior to the storm was beautiful, and the thunder was intense. I swear at one point it shook the house!

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