My Trashy House

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Upon entering my apartment, visitors would ask themselves two questions:

  1.  Does a cat live here?
  2.  Do these people own a trash can?

Yes, we live with a cat.  And yes, we have several trash cans.  Unfortunately my baby girl, Kaner, rules our roost and is beyond spoiled.

I mean why would you want to sleep in the comfortable Cat Condo or the sunny window seat that is actually attached to the balcony door when you could lounge in the several different boxes strewn around the house.  I mean all the choices….the Nike shoe box or the smiling Amazon box.

Who wants to play with the crunchy, green tunnel or the cat nip filled scratch pillow or the wide variety of kitty chase balls that have been purchased just for your entertainment.  I mean I’m sure the disposable contact cases, plastic take-out utensils, and empty medicine packages are way more fun!

Unfortunately, she has become a master of garbage picking.  Despite my best efforts – constantly emptying trash cans, placing them on high shelves, and simply picking up the trash as I see it, Kaner still manages to create a mess wherever she goes. (Her Daddy doesn’t help since he finds her love of trash humorous and gives it to her often.)

So, yes, I have a cat. Yes, there is trash all over my house.




7 thoughts on “My Trashy House

  1. Hahaha! So frustrating!!! I feel the same way about Frankie sometimes. You spend all kinds of money on buying them treats and toys, and they find the most random things to enjoy instead…the boxes and bags the toys come in, crumbled up lesson plans that may have been thrown on the floor in frustration, plastic wrappers, water bottle lids…

  2. I have one of those too! Does she check for open drawers and cabinets to rifle through for something to play with? She especially likes pens, glasses, keys… and hides them away to have something to play with later.

    Where to lounge: boxes when they are out, any closets that get left open (more playthings to filch too), every piece of furniture — all hers

  3. It took me a moment to discover that you were being a bit sarcastic. I love when that happens, it makes me look at the words differently. I have furries like this too, they are dogs. I finally went with under the counter trash cans. The toys are everywhere though…..I wouldn’t change a thing!

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