I Will Continue to Wait

I have been waiting.  I understand that something devastating has happened to you.  I know that your world has been turned upside down over and over.  I know that it will take days and months to repair the hole in your heart.  I know your pain is a pain that I do not understand, but despite that, I can listen.  So, I don’t understand…

Why won’t you let me help you heal?

Why won’t you unburden some of your pain on me?

Why won’t you talk to me, and let me know what I can do to help you?

Why have I been useful in the past, but not this time?

Why do you leave me in the dark, when with some light, I could ease your pain?

I do not understand you pain, but no matter that, I am here.  I am here when you decide that you need me.  And I will always be here.  So, I will continue to wait.


4 thoughts on “I Will Continue to Wait

  1. You’re such a good friend! She will come to you when she is ready to talk…she knows you’re there for her and for right now, that might be exactly what she needs.

  2. Patience is one of the most difficult things to have when you know you can help but you aren’t in a position to. But……to know that someone is there for us no matter when we need them? That is the ultimate in helping. The best.

  3. Sometimes you are so lost inside your pain you don’t want to put it on anyone else. You are a tremendous friend, stay near. It counts more than you know. This piece hurts,,,, thinking of you both.

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