If I Could Do It Again…

Today I read an article on Buzzfeed titled “37 Reasons Why Harry Potter Fans Want to Relive the Series for the 1st Time,”  and it got me thinking about some of the events in my life that I would want to relive for the 1st time.

The entire Harry Potter series:  I have never experienced a book series like Harry Potter before.  I was so emotionally invested in the books, that for a brief second, I wondered what my life would be like without a new book.  Those books allowed me to fully immerse myself into the magical world of J.K. Rowling, and I would relive reading each book for the first time, over and over again, if possible.

My first day of school as a student:  To be that wide eyed five year old again would be amazing.  To walk into school without any type of anxiety or stress about life, and simply learn, without any pressure, sounds like a dream come true.  I would once again, hang on my teacher’s every word because she would open the door to my future career and dream job.

My first day of school as a teacher:  That day I experienced an immense amount of anxiety, but it was the exciting kind.  The kind that caused me to be a wide eyed twenty something year old.  My only goal, to make those students who walked into my room on that first day, feel the same amount of excitement about learning as I did.  Yes, I get to experience that excitement every year in August, but nothing compares to the very first day with my very first classroom of students.

Meeting Eric:  I would live that day over and over and over if I could.  I know it is sappy, but meeting Eric came at the perfect time in my otherwise not so perfect life.  That night, I realized I deserved happiness, and I knew he was going to be the one to provide that for me.

My summer at camp:  As I have said before, that was the best summer of my life.  Being a teacher is an exciting job, but as a counselor, you form a completely different relationship with kids.  You’re more of a friend and confidant, and not so much an authority figure.  I had the pleasure of meeting so many different girls from many different walks of life, and I know that I was able to make our few weeks together special for each of those girls.

Of course there are several other things I would love to relive, but I’m not Buzzfeed, and no body wants to hear about 32 other moments.


6 thoughts on “If I Could Do It Again…

  1. What an excellent thing to ponder! I’d relive meeting my hubby & the birth of our daughter. College was fun but high school. Blah. I’d relive it only if I could know now what I didn’t then.

  2. Man! This is such a great idea to ponder… Reading your events made me instantly excited. How awesome that’d be to walk in to the classroom again as a new student. A new teacher… I guess the idea could be applied to present day, and appreciating the new situations we encounter now. Sometimes it’s hard to realize in the moment how awesome the situation truly is. Love it. 🙂

  3. I read this article too and thought about the same kind of thing except just me and HP. This is great how it stirred up other memories for you too. “I realized I deserved happiness, and I knew he was going to be the one to provide that for me.” what a beautiful sentiment!

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