My Awkward Years

When I was 5 years old, I had to get glasses, and thus began my awkward years.  Today wearing glasses is actually more normal than not wearing glasses, but back then, if you wore glasses, you sort of stuck out.  Unfortunately glasses were not the complete solution to my eye problem.  Since my left eye was much stronger than my right, when I was at home, I had to wear a patch over my eye.  That’s right, a patch, like a pirate.  Now the eye doctor prescribed patch wasn’t too horrendous, it simply snapped onto my glasses, but I quickly lost that patch, and my parents refused to purchase another one.  So my new patch was whatever they could scrap together, which was a Teenage Mutant Turtle themed piece of cardboard.  I spent most of my childhood walking around my house with Leonardo, the blue turtle over my left eye.

When I was in third grade, my dentist decided that I need a retainer.  My retainer became my new eye patch.  I had to carry my retainer case around with me, so I could take it out during lunch.  I lost that thing, and had to have others help me find it more times than I can count. So, together with my glasses and my retainer, my awkward years continued.

Eventually, I was able to ditch the retainer, but shortly afterwards they were replaced by braces.  Oh and I was not allowed to have contacts yet, so there was still my glasses issue.  Minus the discomfort, the braces were not that awful, but I still felt uncomfortable in my body.

Finally, one day in seventh grade, my glass accidentally broke and my mother gave in, I was allowed to get contacts.  Now, if I could just convince her to let me get rid of my bangs.


2 thoughts on “My Awkward Years

  1. Girl, I hear you. Aside from the ninja turtle eye patch, which is quite awesomely distinguished to say the least, I had all the same woes growing up. Aren’t they kind of cool though? I don;t think we realize how much the odd, awkward nuances add to our character when we are in the thick of our awkward adolescent years. Love the post. And I will always be thinking of you with that Leonardo patch from hence forth.

  2. Oh, I remember braces and bangs and awkward years…middle school in its entirety equaled my awkward years, for sure.

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