Generation Watching

Occasionally, after a nice dinner on a Friday or Saturday night, Eric and I like to hit up a nearby bar and just people watch.

We watch a group of young twenty somethings in the corner taking shots, laughing loudly, and making their presence well known to the rest of the bar.

Outside we are saying:

Look at those kids.  We were never like that!

Inside we are saying:

Look at those kids.  Wish we could hang like that again.

We watch a group of thirty something guys in hockey jerseys drinking beers, yelling at the TV, and groaning loudly when the opposing team scores.

Outside they are saying:

C’mon boys!  Make that shot!  Block that puck!

Inside they are saying:

C’mon boys!  Make that shot!  Block that puck!

We watch a table of forty something moms in their favorite pair of jeans, drinking wine, talking about their kids, and bouncing along to the 80’s cover band music.

Outside we are saying:

I feel bad for those women, they probably haven’t been out without their children in months.

Inside they are saying:

My favorite night of the week.  A night where I don’t have to be a mom, spend time with women who understand my hectic life, and have fun without worrying about what my little ones are into.

We watch a group of sixty something couples drinking martinis, dancing to every song the 80’s cover band sings, and having the time of their lives.

Outside they say:

Now that our kids are all grown, we spend our weekends listening to bands and dancing all night!

Inside we say:

I want to be that couple when I’m that age.   I hope I still have that kind of love for life.


9 thoughts on “Generation Watching

  1. I liked the contrasts of the “We Say” and “They Say” and the “Outside Thoughts” vs the “Inside Thoughts.” I thought about writing a similar post people watching at the mall today while I walked, but decided on completing a Dig Lit Sunday Post. Your post makes me think this is something to add to my writers notebook for a future post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love people watching at bars, too. Sometimes when I see twenty-somethings I think, they are only a few years younger than me…and then I remember that 10 years is more than a few. 🙂 Sounds like a fun way to spend an evening, and I love the variety of viewpoints.

  3. What a lovely piece about the stages of life and what we think we are supposed to say and how we feel. I am now getting to the age where other people look really young and I can’t pass for barely out of college anymore. I feel the distinction between “me” and “them” darken, delineate. Oh man there are so many “norms” we all try to life by. It can be exhausting!

  4. I love to people watch. I get caught staring at people a lot, but it’s because I’m making up stories about them in my head. 🙂 Loved this approach to your people watching – very cool Slice to read!

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