Wild Animal Encounter of the Third Kind

We returned to our hut in one of Costa Rica’s many beautiful rainforests after a very busy and exciting day.   I was exhausted and ready for bed.   I fell asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow.  Shortly after I was woken up by the loudest screeching and screaming I had ever heard.  I instantly sat up, terrified, and shook Eric awake.

Hey! Do you hear that?  What is that?  What do we do?”

“What?  Oh that, don’t worry…I’m sure it’s nothing.  Go back to sleep.”

Nothing?!  That alarming animal cry did not sound like nothing!  As romantic and exotic as our hut was during the day, it was not built for protection from wild animals.  Granted the hut was held aloft by stilts, so we were safe from savage animals that crawled and scampered across that ground, but unfortunately there was not a single solid wall in our hut.  The only thing separating us from the vicious tree climbing animals outside was very thin mosquito netting.


Now that I knew my big, strong boyfriend was absolutely useless, my panic quickly started to get the best of me.  I scooted down as far as I could under the paper thin sheets and tried to calm myself down.  Eventually, I was able to fall back asleep, but my nightmares were filled with fierce jaguars and ferocious monkeys crashing through our netting roof to tear us limb from limb.

The next morning, as we were sitting at breakfast (alive), I brought up the feral animal with the piercing cry.  My big, strong boyfriend responded, “Oh yeah!  That was terrifying!  I could barely go back to sleep!”

Seriously!!  He then admitted he couldn’t tell me he was scared, he knew it would only make me feel worse.  So we wouldn’t have the same situation that night, Eric asked our waiter what horrific animal was making the noise.  After a quick conversation in Spanish,  we had our answer.  Our waiter walked away shaking his head and laughing.  Our terrifying, bloodthirsty predator, was nothing more than a small, very vocal, spider monkey.


7 thoughts on “Wild Animal Encounter of the Third Kind

  1. I was sitting here trying to figure out what the heck was making that noise and trying to read real fast to find out what it was. Too funny that Eric was sitting there incognito!

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