My Furry Little Brat

I was raised my entire life as a Dog Person, but hiding a dog in a third story condo was not even a possibility, and I needed a pet…something to love me unconditionally.  Then one day a student of mine told me his cat had just had kittens, and his mom was giving them away.  I may not be able to hide a dog, but a free cat never has to leave the condo and it takes care of itself.  So, I told Eric I wanted it, and I got it.  A few weeks later I came home with a sweet, little, tabby kitten.  Per our agreement, Eric was allowed to name our new little girl.  His choice…Kaner….after a Blackhawks player.  Kaner is your typical cat…and she has several strong options on things.


*Daddy – he’s perfect!

*Plastic bags – they are fun to chew on AND make a really awesomely annoying sound in the middle of the night.

*Watching Mommy clean up all my toys, then dumping them out right away.

*Biting and scratching Mommy until her arms look like she’s been pruning rose bushes bare handed.

*Shoe boxes…I fit in them perfectly…plus I look adorable in them.

* Knocking over anything that is filled with a liquid.  Glasses, vases full of beautiful Valentine’s Day roses, etc.

*Running out of the condo door whenever it opens.  It’s really fun to do it when Mommy’s hands are full and she has to throw everything down to come after me.


* Mommy, unless she is supplying me with food.

*Drinking water out of a bowl.  So, my wonderful Daddy bought me a dish that’s a waterfall.

* Being held…except by Daddy..he’s perfect!

* The bathroom door being closed.  It doesn’t matter what’s going on in there, that door MUST be open!

*Mommy typing on her computer…why does that thing get more attention than me?!

I should have put a little more thought into taking on a furry child, but as I stare at Kaner all curled up at my feet, purring, I guess I sort of love my little brat.


4 thoughts on “My Furry Little Brat

  1. Yes, your cat does sound like something else. My fourth-grade students always ask me, “What’s your favorite animal?” and I always surprise them by saying, “Um…probably…a lemon.” I am not fond of animals! I especially would hate the cat scratching at the closed bathroom door!

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