Slice of Life is Upon Us

My couch is the best view of my apartment:

-the beautiful snowy day (YUCK!)

-the Christmas garland still strung up on my balcony

-the numerous toys my sweet cat has strewn across the floor

-the fresh pile of student work just waiting for my skillful teacher touch

-the laundry (that I can’t see, but can feel watching me, waiting…)

But despite all the things that HAVE to get done, I am all about the one thing I WANT to do right now….SLICE.  Last year I was not the poster child for slicing (I did not do it everyday), but when I did post, it was such a fulfilling feeling.  Allowing my friends and co-workers to get a glimpse into my life through writing was at first a bit intimidating, but then quickly became second nature, since we were all in the same situation.  I love how slicing together brought us closer as both writers and co-workers.  The fact that people I have never met had positive things to say about my writing helped me realize that I was, indeed, a writer.

So, now that March is upon us, I am ready to throw myself 100% into my writing.  I am so excited to share my thoughts and life with all of my fellow Slicers.  Good luck to all my fellow Slicers…new and returning…I cannot wait to see what you all have to say!


10 thoughts on “Slice of Life is Upon Us

  1. I’m excited to see what you have to say this month! (And I still have the student work and laundry, too! And the snow, or snow/ice/mush mix…)

  2. I’m so glad you’re giving it another try! You can do it. Like you said, it becomes second nature.

    I love the beginning of this Slice, how you described your view from the couch! I especially liked the laundry staring at you – ha! My laundry does the same.

    Can I use your Slice as one of my “Be Inspired” posts later this month when I’m hosting the challenge? Just shoot me at email and let me know if it is okay!

  3. Oh yes…I know this feeling…the “I need to finish a million things, but I just want to keep writing from my comfy spot”….So excited to read more this month! It is going to be great!

  4. Ah, yes…the laundry…and a multitude of chores…watching us! What a visual for me. But it is definitely more rewarding to Slice.

  5. My favorite part:

    “the laundry (that I can’t see, but can feel watching me, waiting…)”

    I think we all feel this way about the laundry…and pretty much any other household chore we consistently put off!

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