I <3 the Gym…Sometimes

I lovelikedeal with…show up to the gym.  I really wish I could be one of those people who thrive on going to the gym.  You know that type, the ones who constantly update Facebook letting everyone know about every gym session and sign up for all types of races.  Those people who actually consider going to the gym a hobby, not a chore.  Unfortunately, I’m the one who hmms and haaaws every time I have to go. 

The only days I genuinely enjoy going to the gym are the days that I get to work with my awesome trainer, Jillian.  I love my Jillian days because she tells me exactly what to do and how to do it.  She pushes me…hard, and I usually grunt in a very unladylike way through much of our workouts.  She makes me sweat.  Half of the workouts she has me do cause me to stare at her like she is crazy, but I do them anyway.  When I leave Jillian I’m exhausted, but I feel great!

Jillian started as my trainer, but has grown to become my friend.  I see her twice a week, which is more than I see most of my friends.  When we are training we talk about everything. The best part is, I can tell her anything (and not just because she doesn’t know most of the people I talk about).  Jillian has seen me at my absolute best and at my absolute worst.

Although Jillian makes me sweaty and sore, it has all been worth it.  Because of Jillian, I am down 20 pounds and I’m not done yet.  I am stronger and leaner.  My clothes fit better.  I am in the best shape I’ve been in, in the last 10 years.  And I’m happier…just not always while on my way to the gym.


9 thoughts on “I <3 the Gym…Sometimes

  1. I completely relate. Love the way you start this- I cracked up. I feel great after and I actually enjoy the Precor elliptical trainer, but sometimes that walk down the hill just seems like forever. Haven’t had your success, but I am still pluggin’ away.

  2. I want to have my own Jillian! I just came back from the gym, but it is a chore for me. It is a little better when my friend goes with me. Would your Jillian commute? 🙂

  3. You go girl! I guess I need a Jillian and some motivation. You look amazing and it is well worth the unlike you feel on the way there. This was a great slice.

  4. Yay for trainers that we actually become friends with. Mine became a dear friend as well. Sometimes I think I take care of myself more to keep from disappointing him than because I know it is what’s best for me! haha

  5. How you started this slice had me laughing. You go to the gym and that counts for something! I love how you detailed your growing friendship with Jillian. I have a similar relationship with my Pilates instructor. Keep it up!

  6. I show up at the gym as well. The only reason is because my friend meets me there twice a week. I wish I had someone like Jillian to push me. Awesome slice, I love how you talk about her and how your relationship grew. Thanks for sharing this!!

  7. I like how you describe Jillian as not only your trainer but your friend. I wouldn’t feel bad about not posted on FB every time you work out – that drives me nuts! Congrats to you for being 20 lbs down. That’s awesome!

  8. Your intro cracks me up. I concur. Kudos to you for sticking with it and pushing yourself despite the reluctant attitude. You’re an inspiration to all us, hmms and hawers. Hahaaa.. And btw… You look amazing! Work it, girl. 🙂

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