Spring Break

Today, the first day of Spring Break.  A very happy day for many teachers.  Although I am excited about a week of no work, no students, and no early mornings, I am also a bit sad as well.  Today I said good bye to my students knowing full well when they return to me in a week, they will be different. They will be..




-nicer to one another (fondness makes the heart grow stronger)


-smarter (brain wise, hopefully not mouth wise)


-more curious

-excited about the last stretch

-sad about the last stretch


Third graders walked out of my classroom today, but in one week almost fourth graders will be walking in.  Soon to be fourth graders who have spent the last 5 or 6 years together…growing together…learning together…facing and overcoming challenges together.  Soon to be fourth graders who will get to spend two more months together before they are no longer together. 



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