Prom…that romantic evening that every young girl looks forward to…

The dress…the date…the pictures…the dancing…the laughter…the after prom events…

Romantic?! Nope!

My prom was memorable, just not the way I had hoped.  My date was boring and honestly I don’t remember much of the actual prom.  I didn’t dance that much, the food wasn’t that great,and I don’t remember laughing a whole lot.  Actually, all the excitement came after prom.

Like many young prom goers, we rented a limo and took it into the city.  Our night started with a romantic carriage ride.  Romantic?!  Nope!  Smelly…yes.  It was cold that night, so the carriage driver was nice enough to give us a blanket to keep us warm and cozy.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure it was the blanket she used to keep the horses warm.

The next stop that evening was a romantic dinner.  Romantic?!  Nope!  Intimidating…yes.  Our restaurant of choice was a greasy, grimy, gross 50’s diner.  Located at the table next to us was a large group of men who looked and sounded like they had just walked out of Goodfellas.  It was hard to concentrate on my food because I was too afraid of making eye contact with anybody.

Lastly, it was a romantic stroll back to our limo.  Romatic?!  Nope!  Dangerous…yes.  Painful…you bet.  My friend’s boyfriend swept her off her feet and carried her across the street.  In my infinite wisdom, I mockingly jeered, “Wish someone would carry me.”  Wish granted, I too was lifted off my feet.  Two steps into the busy downtown street, the light turned green, my date’s knee gave out, and I was flying through the air, only to land on my butt.  Traffic was nice enough to stop, and my two friends were even nicer, as they carried my date back to the limo. 

The only laugh of the night, came from the kind man who witnessed my fall, as he howled, “Damn, that white girl just bounced like a rock!”



7 thoughts on “Romantic…Nope!

  1. I am dying with laughter over here. PERFECT ending to use that piece of dialogue. Sorry for the unromantic prom. Although I am pretty sure I don’t have a single romantic moment all through high school.

  2. Oh my God. Hilarious! “…white girl bounced like a rock….” It’s killing me. Awesome. That’s often the only consolation for a crappy night…the great story you have to tell later. 🙂

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