Sister, Sister

Night and day,

Hot and cold,

Black and white.

My sister and I are polar opposites.

I was a young hypochondriac,

Chris had been to the emergency room four times before she was 12.

I was ten taking swim lessons with five year olds,

Chris was seven diving blindly into the deep end of the pool.

I was focused and driven when it came to school,

Chris came to school.

I was a Mathlete – Scholastic Bowl nerd,

Chris was a Drama – Snowball geek.

I look like my mom,

Chris is my dad through and through.

I HATE confrontation,

Chris works the front desk of a very popular hotel.

I am an easy going kind of gal,

Chris is a hot head.

I was a fall baby,

Chris graced us with her presence in June.

Despite it all (and in probably because of it all).

I love that little brat with all my heart!





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