Birthday Gift

Today my family and I will be celebrating my cousin’s 30th birthday party.  I wanted to do something different for her, so I went to my go to website for cute and clever gifts…Pinterest.  I began scanning through their gift ideas, and I came across a basket full of candy with silly puns for each type of candy.  As I was skimming through the sayings, I just kept thinking, Love the idea, but I could totally write it better.  So I grabbed my notepad and gave it a shot:

Today you turn 30

Many people say that 30 Rocks!

Here’s why:

– You’ll learn some new Twix.

-You’ll still fell like a 100 Grand.

– You will always be a Hot Tamale.

– You’re even more of a Smartie than you were in your 20’s.

-Every PayDay won’t go to booze (who am I kidding, it will).

– You’re pretty awesome Now and Later you can only get better.

– You’ll find Joy in new and different things.

– You can Snicker at girls in their 20’s and say “I remember when…”

30 is nothing to wine about, it definitely won’t suck.

Many hugs and kisses

Your Nerdy cousin.

If it wasn’t for the Slice of Life Challenge, I would never have thought to try something new like that.  I’m only halfway done, and I can feel my writing confidence booming.  I cannot wait to see what the other half has in store for me! 


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