Go Team Go!

I love watching sports!! 

Football Sundays are my favorite days of the year! 

And those days are focused around only football.  Fantasy Football?  Yes!  Two computers up and running all day…one for my team and one for Erics’.  Redzone Channel?  Of course!  Six hours of every touchdown from every game all…day…long!  Bears attire?  You betcha!  It’s bad luck NOT to wear it.  I almost cried when the Bears lost to the Packers during the last game of the season causing the Bears to yet again, not qualify for the playoffs.  But I still watched the Superbowl vigorously cheering for the Broncos and becoming very sullen when the game turned into a free for all.

I’m a Cubs Fan!

I will never switch sides…EVER!  I don’t care how much flack I get for it.  I don’t care how many years it has been since they have won a World Series.  I don’t care about the taunts, jeers, and insults that are flung at me from the Sox fans.  I will root for the Cubs until the day humans no longer play sports and every thing is virtual.

But hockey…

Don’t get we wrong, Go Blackhawks!!  Of course I want them to do well, I mean they are a Chicago team.  Of course hockey games are a blast to experience live.  Of course I watched the final game of the Stanley Cup and jumped up and down with hoots of happiness when the Hawks won.  Unfortunately my happiness was because I would FINALLY have my TV back.  After 24 hockey games, well into June which is not a hockey month, I did not have to watch another game.  I know hockey is action packed, quick, and has some very good looking players, but it just irritates me more than anything else.

So, I would rather root for two teams that very rarely see the playoffs instead of watching a team that not only won one championship,  but could quite possibly win another.


4 thoughts on “Go Team Go!

  1. All year long (literally ALL YEAR) I hear “that’s my guy” The world of fantasy. Oh my. There’s a draft happening in my living room as I type. It cracks me up. I miss Football Sundays now that I have a peanut. sigh.
    But hockey- how can you not love hockey? I guess I am a hockey nerd, it’s the only sports season that does not drive me bananas in my house. Football? he’s obsessed. Baseball? IT NEVER ENDS. I digress. Love your slice!

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