I Give Up!

I give up

I’ve waited patiently for you to make your choice.

I give up

I’ve admitted that you have done things for me that have been beneficial.

I give up

I’ve stood by and watched you interfere in the lives of my family and friends.

I give up

I’ve complimented you on your many beautiful qualities.

I give up

I’ve sat by and allowed you to taunt and tease me mercifully.

I give up

I’ve greeted you with a positive attitude and a smile every day.

I give up

I’ve hoped you would decide to just move on.

I give up

I’ve tried to find enjoyment in your presence.

I give up

I’ve permitted you to toy with my emotions way too much.

I give up

I’m too tired to put anymore time and effort into fighting you.

I give up,  Mother Nature.




5 thoughts on “I Give Up!

  1. What a perfect ending! I’ve been talking with my students about the parts in our reading where we are surprised or where we change our thinking. Your poem illustrates this perfectly. I kept trying to figure out who you were giving up on. I wondered who would treat you so poorly. Then, I found out. Mother Nature!!! Hilarious! She has been quite brutal this year.


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