I strongly believe there are two people for everybody.  The first person is obviously the love of your life, that one person you want to spend forever with.  The second person is the one who deals with all the backlash and drama that comes from the first person:  your best friend. 

My best friend, Ashley, and I have known each other since we were 13.  We first met when we played softball, but we really became close Sophomore year of high school when we found that we had every class together.  Junior year we were thrown together, once again, in all the same classes.  By the time Senior year came around, we decided to stick with tradition, and we purposely picked all the same classes.  We ended Senior year being voted ‘Most Likely to be Best Friends in 10 Years.’  Our peers chose wisely because we still are, despite our many ups and downs. 

 Ashley and I have MANY stories that only we would find funny, but one particular one always makes me smile.

Ashley and I were standing up in our friends’ wedding, and we decided to make a whole weekend out of it.  Our sensible plan was to drive to Great America the next morning and enjoy a day of roller coasters and funnel cakes.  Instead we decided to leave our common sense at home, and drove to Wisconsin Dells.  Unfortunately, we didn’t think to call and find a hotel until we were literally in the Dells.  I mean, why would we, it was only the last weekend in August before school started up again.  Who would have thought all the hotels would have no vacancy.

We called 80 hotels that day…that’s right 80!  We called the big, comfy, insect free hotels first, and as our options slowly dwindled, we began calling the hotels that closely resembled the Bates Motel.  We were stubborn, we were not going home!!  Our next logical choice was to call hotels in the nearby cities.  Several more strikeouts.  Finally, we found three bed and breakfast places.  The last one had one room left.

We were quite a sight as we walked up to this very sensible British man with our tousled Bridesmaid hairstyles, giggling like school girls, and requested his last room.  Right before we walked away, he told us that he didn’t judge, and handed us our key.  Our room was straight out of a 70’s sitcom: flowered wallpaper, small box TV, twin bed with faded flowered comforter, and a jacuzzi (with candles).  We quickly went to bed, eager for rest and the continuation of our adventure. 

Every time we tell this story, we laugh through the whole bed and breakfast situation, but our favorite part is when we enjoyed breakfast the next morning.  We went downstairs to see several couples enjoying their romantic breakfast.  Everyone who was eating was silent…the only pair that had anything to say to each other was  Ash and me.  It’s moments like that (and many, many more) that make me thankful that I found that second person who would put up with me.


5 thoughts on “My BBF

  1. Love your descriptions of the hotels.. esp, “resembling the Bates Motel” You drew me in and I was smiling the whole way through picturing this. Love these Lucy and Ethel moments we find ourselves in with friends. They make for the best memories!

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