My Blank Mind

Today is one of those days were I’m drawing a blank.

I have several thinks I could write about,

But none of them are coming out right.

I’ve started this piece at least three times,

But a few sentences in, delete, delete, delete.

Most people love things that are blank.

The new fallen snow,

just waiting for your footprints.

An empty notebook,

just waiting for your stories.

A blank canvas,

just waiting for your portrait.

A blank computer screen,

just waiting for MY slice.

But a blank mind,

not what I need tonight.

So, tomorrow I’ll try again,

but this time, I’ll be flowing with words.

Or so I hope.


8 thoughts on “My Blank Mind

  1. Another example of how writing about nothing can turn into a masterpiece. I challenged my students to write about nothing the other day and was very happy with the results. I love your list of things that are blank.

  2. Interesting how you DID have a slice after all, isn’t it?!? Reminds me of advice I’ve gotten from fellow writers. Just sit down and write – it will come. Maybe not what we thought would come, but something does come and it’s usually something fabulous. You did it. Fight through and you’ll come out with something great like this!!!

  3. This is a perfect writer’s slice! I love your connections to all the blank slates – the snow, the notebook, the canvas, the computer screen! Each one of us will have those moment when we tap our keys on the keyboard with empty thoughts. I gave advice on day 2 stating that you will write a slice about not knowing what to write about. We have all done it! But the beauty is that writing is writing is writing. And so many will connect with you today!

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