Love at First Sight

So being the amazing fiancée I am, I decided to keep Eric company at a home show he had to work today. While sitting here and enjoying some quality time together, it made me reminisce about when we first met…
My friend, Megan, had been casually mentioning to me the fact that she had a single friend who was pretty awesome. Having gone on several unsuccessful blind dates, I was not quick to take her up on her offer. Sooner or later, though, I knew I would crack under the pressure and give in, but circumstances worked out in my favor.
Every year, my principal organized a group outing to a Cubs game, and this year Megan invited Eric. It was a perfect situation, I could meet Eric, but be surrounded by my girls from school just in case things weren’t going well. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had her own plans.
The day of the game was rainy and just miserable. People we’re canceling left and right. I was starting to believe meeting Eric wasn’t in the cards. Then around early afternoon, the sun broke through and it became the perfect day for a baseball game.
Before the game, we all met at Megan’s house. I was a hot mess of emotions: eager, nervous, excited. The minute Eric walked in, it was like I was thrown into a 90’s rom com. Time slowed, the light behind Eric glowed brighter, romantic music was playing, and all I could think was, Oh no! I’m in trouble! Looking back now, I can honestly say it was love at first sight.
The rest of the night was amazing (except when I fell getting out of the car and the Cubs losing). I left my number with Eric that night with hopes of a call soon. I got my call, and we wound up hanging out that weekend and every weekend since.
I am eternally grateful to Megan, and the Cubs, for introducing me to the guy of my dreams.


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