Halfway There

Usually I could care less about half birthdays, I mean come on, I’m not a little kid anymore.  But this half birthday holds a little more significance.  In exactly six months, I am going to be…wait for it…30!  (Cue tears of hysteria and shrieks of horror.)

Now I know that 30 is not that old, I’m still young, I have so much to look forward to…and blah, blah, blah.  No matter what people say to me, I am still in denial about turning the big 3-0. 

There are plenty of days when I feel like I’m about to be 30. 

Like days after I have my trainer, and every bone in my body aches, and I can barely walk.  Or on Friday nights, when Eric and I are looking for friends to go have a few drinks with, and we realize that our options are pretty limited because many of our friends are pregnant or have kids.  Or Sunday mornings, after having a few too many drinks, and I’m absolutely useless because I can’t handle my liquor like I used to.  Or when I order a drink, and don’t even get carded.  Or when I start saying things and begin to sound like my mom.  Or when my students assume that no matter when something in history occurred, I was there for it.

Then there are days when I couldn’t feel farther away from 30.

Like when I blast “Let It Go” from Frozen and dance around my house singing into my hairbrush.  Or when I visit Disney World and get that giddy feeling in my stomach and all I want to do is run up and hug Mickey Mouse.  Or when I go see the LEGO movie sans children and wind up being the only person in there without kids.  Or when I do get carded (that one can go either way).  Or when my students are super engaged in a fun activity and I can’t control myself and I have to jump in with them.  Or when I tell new people that I’m 29 and they don’t believe me.

Either way, 30 is approaching…and it is coming fast.  Hopefully I’ll be ready for it, but if not, I’ll just ask my ‘old’ friends for advice.


6 thoughts on “Halfway There

  1. Happy half birthday! (Mine is tomorrow – September rules!) Speaking from 44, 30 can seem incredibly awful. Know that you will always be as young as you feel in your heart and how you act. Congrats on soon entering a great decade.

  2. Speaking as a 35 year old… I have been celebrating 29 for 7 years now. I don’t feel old. My grandma used to tell me that “age was just a number.” I figured that meant I could choose my age, so I do. I love the way your writing came out like a pro and con idea, both sides of the coin. Beautiful!!

  3. Turning 30 was hard. Being 30…piece of cake! Turning 40 was great, and as I just turned 50 a couple weeks ago, it’s fine so far! As it’s been said before, it’s only a number. Enjoy yourself whatever age you are. Happy Half Birthday!

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